Treetop Children: IDR 125.000 /pax
Treetop Adult: IDR 170.000 /pax
Family Treetop: IDR 450.000 /package (2 Adults, 2 Children)
Zipline (long flying fox): IDR 150.000 /pax
Zipline + Adult Treetop: IDR 270.000 /pax

Treetop adult: USD 19 /pax
Treetop children: USD 14 /pax

Zipline (long flying fox): USD 17 /pax


  • 2 hours access to 6 circuits (50 Challenges, 12 Flying Fox)
  • Safety Equipments
  • Help and support by professional instructors
  • European Safety Standard (EN 15567-1) managed by France management
  • Insurance


  • Price does not include entrance fee IDR 10.000 /pax


Comply to European StandardThroughout the entirety of circuit, you will remain attached to a life-line support. Patrol Guide will also be along the circuit and is ready to advise and provide the necessary assistance - providing support from above and below.

As a guarantee of the safety of our clients use the equipment European standard (prEN: 15567-1), and trained personnel are ready to escort and assist you, under the supervision of the Technical Advisor from French.

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Squirrel Yellow Circuit:
Carefully designed for small children. 4 to 6 years old. 115cm minimum

Squirrel Green Circuit:
For children ready to face new challenges. 4 to 8 years old. 115cm minimum.

Green Circuit:
Introductory circuit to get a taste of the activity. Over 6 years old. 115cm minimum.

Blue Circuit:
First thrills and many flying-fox. Over 8 years old. 120cm minimum.

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